Mint Springs Series

Make it Shine
Mint Springs Series - Book 1

What if just passing through turns into forever?

Lily Gentry never planned on coming back to Mint Springs. Why give everyone in town another opportunity to gossip about the worst night of her life? But when her grandmother’s failing health means bills her family can’t pay, Lily comes home--small town rumor mill be damned.

Chance Allen stayed away too long, missing his grandfather’s last days and returning to a run-down farm he barely recognizes. And now it’s his job to make things right by getting the place ready to sell. One problem… he can’t do it on his own.

Asking Lily for help isn’t Chance’s first choice. The spitfire from his teenage days isn’t much fun anymore. And Lily’s not keen on working with Chance, either. It’s a means to an end and nothing more. So why is Chance living for every moment with Lily’s baggy sweat pants and messy ponytail? And why is Lily fighting an onslaught of butterflies in her belly every time Chance gives her that easy smile?

Maybe being back in Mint Springs isn’t so bad after all…

But Lily can’t change her past and some people are determined to make sure she never forgets it. Can she trust Chance to choose her?

Can even the most battered hearts be made to shine?

Make it Burn
Mint Springs Series - Book 2

Nothing can douse the flame of something meant to be…

Hadley Crawford was going to have it all—and finally show everyone she was more than they’d given her credit for. Then the boy she thought loved her walked away and her dreams of college evaporated. But that was years ago, and Hadley’s been making the best of a bad situation—until Cooper Allen comes back to town.

What do you do when the woman of your dreams unexpectedly comes back into your life? Pretend you don’t remember her, obviously. Cooper let Hadley go for her own good and making her hate him is the only way to keep that plan in motion. He’s not in a position to give her what she deserves and nothing’s going to change that. No matter how hard that is to swallow.

But when Hadley and Cooper are forced to work together to make both of their dreams come true, the old sparks resurface. Can they trust each other enough to let the old hurts go? Or will the past be too strong to overcome?

No matter what, it’s going to burn…

Make it Last
Mint Springs Series - Book 3

If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen…

Jenna Bard knew there was the possibility she might have a few setbacks on the road to celebrity chef status, but she never expected to lose her restaurant to her ex-husband on her fortieth birthday. The new restaurant out in the sticks might be her last chance to get her life back on track. Blowing off a little steam before she commits herself to a life of cows and collard greens shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Charlie Allen’s always been up for a good time—of course he’s going to take the sexy woman from the hotel bar up on her offer of a one-night stand. But when it turns out she’s the new chef at the restaurant his family has trusted him to run, Charlie knows there’s too much on the line to risk temptation again. Unfortunately, Jenna’s the only thing he’d like to see on the menu.

When tensions boil over at work, it’s more than the future of the business on the line. If Charlie can’t convince Jenna the restaurant’s the right choice for her, how will he be able to convince her he’s the right choice? And is Jenna walking out on more than just her culinary dreams?

Will their relationship be just a flash in the pan, or can they make it last?